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The Rotary Club of Derby’s website is moving to a new home. 

We have updated our website using a new template that Rotary Clubs around the UK are using. It will be a lot more public-facing, showcasing the fantastic work of both the main club and our Satellite. The new format will also make it easier to update and keep the information current and there is also a focus on getting the community involved, either as volunteers, supporters or friends.

The new website can be found at www.rotaryderbyuk.org and looks great on mobile devices too. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Welcome to the new President

On Monday July 1st, our club welcomed its new President Andrew Plant.

Andrew’s theme for this year is ‘Everyone is Valued’ and so he will be calling upon the strengths and talents of all club members during the year to fulfill his aims for the club.



Eco-greenhouses – an update

Since our last report four more schools have benefited from an eco-greenhouse. The initiative is really catching on thanks to the extra hard work of Kevin Griffiths. In addition to the three schools showcased here was St Werbergh’s C of E School. This great little project allows us to effectively demonstrate Rotary in Action.

Schools in the pipeline: Brackensdale Primary, Ravensdale Junior, Wyndham Academy, Murray Park, Portway Infant, Bemrose Community School, Walter Evans and Homefields. And enquiries are still coming. So we will need the continuing support from our members, outside volunteers and the schools themselves to get hands on for the building programme.

Our club has been very active recently in promoting the Eco-Greenhouse project in Derby City Schools over the past 18 months. Pictured here are Year 3 class teacher Claire Marshall and year 6 student, Maggie May Bull who are both members of Walter Evans Primary School Eco Team.

The school has just begun to collect 2 litre plastic bottles in preparation for the construction of an eco-greenhouse on the school site in the spring of 2019.

The Eco team were presented with a poster from Derby Rotary Club which will help the Eco Team monitor how many bottles have been collected.

… and pictured here at Springfield Primary School, are Deputy Head Teacher Jane Joyce and year 5 student, Jophiellia Roppa  receiving the Bottle Collection poster to help monitor how many bottles the school has collected.

The school is hoping to construct an Eco Greenhouse with the support of Derby Rotary Club in the spring of 2019.


Look at all this hard work –

Other local Rotary clubs and schools that have built Eco-Greenhouses are –

Alfreton Rotary club working with Copthorne School

Kirkby-in-Ashfield Rotary Club working with Greenway Primary School

Bingham Rotary Club working with Robert Miles Infant School

Further details of how to get involved with building EcoGreenhouses can be found here.



“Making a Difference” is what Rotarians do and each year we are going to try to make an even bigger impact than usual – Pat Zadora, one of our past Presidents says – “… and we have lots of fun while we’re doing it!”



As with all Rotary Clubs throughout the world, our aims are to :

  • support humanitarian and educational projects at home and abroad
  • encourage world peace and understanding
  • have fun and fellowship within the membership



Interested in joining our Rotary club?

Are you interested in making a difference? We welcome into the club both men and women who want to make a difference in their local community and the wider world. New members are often introduced by other members or they can apply directly to the Club Secretary. You can download an application form from here.


Please contact our Club Secretary, Angus Currie, at angus.rotaryderby@btinternet.com for further information about our meetings and activities.


Here you will find links to the RIBI website :


… and to the Rotary District 1220 website



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